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Dedicated to the study, propagation & publication of knowledge pertaining to killifish

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B.K.A. Membership



What are the benefits of membership?


By joining the British Killifish Association you increase the circle of killi-lovers who appreciate these fascinating and mostly beautiful fish. In doing so you help contribute to the captive breeding and maintenance of species that have become endangered in the wild and help promote wider understanding of the pressures on many wild populations. BKA Members share knowledge, expertise and most importantly fish andn eggs of many species and participate in collecting trips, even contributing stock for scientific investigations. We collaborate with other National Killifish Associations, attending some of their Conventions and inviting them to ours.


We hold regional shows/auctions where you can see a range of killis up close and talk face to face with knowledgeable keepers. Once a year we hold a weekend Convention with a show, auctions and talks by renowned aquarists/scientists from around the globe.  We welcome novices and experienced, young and old and from any background. The only criterion is a wish to learn more about killis.


Members receive the following:-


Annual Membership Fees



How do I join


In light of changes to Data Protection law, in particular the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the pending UK Data Protection Act we must now formalise our Membership Application/Renewal form. This will need to be filled in each year and acts as a way to ensure that the data we hold is as up to date as possible and your rights are protected.  Hopefully you will find it relatively simple to complete. Please note that this is a legal requirement.  The form has full details of how you can pay your Membership Fees.  Without a completed form we cannot process your membership.



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2018 Subscription Rates

Online only             £10

United Kingdom     £20

Europe                   £27

Worldwide              £37

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