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British Killifish Association Convention

28th to 30th September 2018

Another successful event for the BKA. Jaap Vlaming provided fascinating insights into various groups of the Aphyosemion genus with details of colour variations, localities and behaviour.

An array of species were available in the auctions and the show highlighted a number of inspiring specimens fetching some good prices when later auctioned.


Show results available here for personal information only. These are also available through our facebook page.  






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Places of Interest

Some of you may wish to visit local beauty spots and places of  interest

Here are just a Few

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Viking Centre

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This year we are proud to welcome our guest speaker - Jaap Vlaming

Jaap is a seasoned killi enthusiast and has undertaken a number of trips to the African continent, collecting many species of the genus Aphyosemion.
















He will provisionally be presenting 3 talks:-


1) The species of the sub-genus Kathetys (Aphyosemion bamilekorum, bualanum, dargei, exiguum and kekemense).


2)  The species of the sub-genus Mesoaphyosemion, or A. cameronense group (Aphyosemion amoenum, cameronense, etsamense, haasi, halleri, maculatum, mimbon, obscurum, raddai).


3) Collecting in Cameroon.


His wealth of knowledge will provide valuable insight into these fascinating groups of fish and the complexities of identifying such closely related species.

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